Scientists for Britain was created in response to growing concern amongst scientists that the pro-EU campaigners are misusing science for political gain.  The development of this website started in January 2016 and aims to provide a platform for those on the ‘leave’ side of the referendum debate, to counter  some of the emotive language and misinformation being used to portray UK Science as extremely dependent on the political structures of the EU. We at Scientists for Britain (SfB) believe that the UK science base is strong enough and adaptable enough to thrive in a post-Brexit environment, and we aim to demonstrate that using a reasoned analysis of the evidence, together with a good dose of logic and common sense.

You can discover some of those involved with Scientists for Britain here.

If you are a scientist that believes that the UK can embrace a future outside the political structures of the EU, then we would love to hear from you using this form.