What next for UK science ?

A huge thank you to everybody who shared our vision of our country seeking a positive future outside the political structures of the European Union.

So what now for UK Science ?

As a science community we need to come together and advise our government how best to negotiate favourable terms for continuing cooperation with the EU. We have repeatedly stressed that 16 non-EU countries collaborate on equal terms with their EU partners via associate agreements with the EU’s research programme. In our view, this is the most likely model to pursue, and we can become the 17th member of this agreement. Together, we need to help the UK government understand how best to secure the needs of UK science.

We take this opportunity to directly address a point raised by many who called for remain; namely that UK government has become a poor supporter of UK science and that we have become overly dependent upon the EU funding of science. As part of our input to Government, we, as a community need to become more vocal, more active and more assertive in promoting the benefits of science to the UK economy. If we have become reliant on EU funding, we need to explain to government how to address this.

The debate has been at times divisive – we as a community now need to work together going forward.